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About Us...

We are John and Bev Cooper and have been married for 40 years. Our family consists of five children all within 5 years of each other—with twin girls on the tail end. Our son, Kevin, is married to Hannah and they have one daughter - Emery. Needless to say, whatever stage the kids were going through, it was kind of intense.

Our marriage has not always been rosy. Three years into our marriage we found ourselves slowly drifting off into isolation—basically moving away from each other to our own interests. We had been putting ourselves first by advancing our careers and ourselves and leaving the other with only our leftover time. It was a slow process and not purposeful, but looking back, it was very evident.

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Some friends invited us to a FamilyLife Weekend To Remember marriage conference. What we didn’t know was that those three days would be life-changing. Bev and I saw, for the first time, an emotional canyon that was separating us. Sure, we were married and living with each other, but that was the extent of it. We just weren’t connecting with each other. The Weekend To Remember conference gave us the encouragement, hope, and purpose to have a Christ-centered marriage—one that is based on biblical principles rather than what our culture was teaching us. With the change we experienced in our own lives and the need we saw in other couples in the same situation, we were drawn to share with other couples about the FamilyLife marriage conference.

At first, we began promoting the conference in our church. The next thing we knew, we were part of the city ministry team for the Seattle FamilyLife marriage conference. After volunteering for seven years, God called us to a bigger step of faith—full-time ministry with FamilyLife.  Since that big step, we have been serving with FamilyLife for 30 years in various departments at FamilyLife headquarters.  Currently, we are serving as Field Ministry Representatives in the Northern California region.  We have the opportunity to work with one of the most diverse population in the country and share God's plan for marriage by inviting people to the Weekend to Remember, providing marriage ministry materials to pastor's and their church, and training couples to lead small groups.   

We believe that no matter what, God has the answer to any marriage or family problem.  We just have to seek Him first, and allow Him to work within each of us.

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